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The joy of family portraits


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How wonderful, let’s hire a photographer and get great family pictures. Sounds easy enough, not so if your children don’t want to cooperate. Lessons learned, schedule times around your children’s nap and feeding times. Seems obvious, but sometimes, you end up booking the time according to the photographer’s availability.

Two weeks ago, we had a photographer friend of ours come over to take pictures. Kids don’t like standing still for long periods of time, (adults don’t either for that matter), so work fast and have fun. Even the shots where the kids are trying to get away or crying can be cute years from now.

2 thoughts on “The joy of family portraits

  1. How’d the photoshoot go? Are you happy with the results? And I agree – definitely need to have a well-fed, well-rested kid before you start or you’re courting disaster! Timing is everything!


    • The photo shoot went well overall because I didn’t freak out when I couldn’t settle the kids for the “perfect” family portrait:) I’ve learned to try to have fun versus trying to get all of us looking at camera at the same time. Our photogrpaher didn’t put pressure on us too by being okay with the kids doing their thing while capturing candid pictures along the way. We did end up with a few really beautiful pictures. We’ve had quite a few disasters in the past, so this latest one qualified as a smooth one.


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