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Weekend Getaway WITH kids



Off we go!


Those that say you can’t take it with you never saw a car packed for a vacation trip.
— Author Unknown

Back in the day before kids, spontaneous weekend travel was so easy; pack up and go. If you forgot something, no big deal. An inconvenience but inevitably, you’d be able to find what you’ve forgotten at your weekend destination. A few modifications and “planned” spontaneous travel with kids is possible. After a few failed attempts of picking up and going with kids, I put together a checklist on our refrigerator door.

One is for summer weekend getaways and another for winter ones. The day before we go on any last-minute weekend trips, I glance through the checklist making sure I have all we need the night before so that all that’s left to do the morning is dress and feed the kids.

Summer list:

  • Water bottles
  • Packed lunches
  • fruit
  • snacks (dry & veggies)
  • cutlery/napkins/tea towel
  • picnic blanket/plastic table-cloth
  • Extra clothes (pants, tops, underpants/diaper/wipes, socks)
  • bathing suit & towels (if swimming)
  • caps
  • sunscreen

Winter ski list

  • ski pants/jacket
  • ski clothing (leggings,turtleneck,socks)
  • helmet, balaclava
  • goggles
  • neck warmer
  • mitts
  • hand warmer
  • after ski clothes
  • water bottles
  • packed lunches
  • fruit
  • snacks (dry & veggies)
  • cutlery/napkins/tea towel

 Photos: Liliana Polcari

2 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway WITH kids

  1. Still trying to figure out the themes…


  2. What kind of things would you put on this list? Would be a good start and prep for those who have no idea how to even start, let alone getting the kids out the door =)


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