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First Day of School

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Picture 126

First day of School ; Photo: Liliana Polcari


What makes the first day of school different from the first day of daycare?  There were many emotions circulating when I dropped off my daughter and now my son for their first day of school.  The feeling was not necessarily the same as it was for my daycare drop-off.  What distinguished the two sentiments was the feeling that it’s the start of independence for my children.   I heard time and time again from parents on how quickly their children have grown.  There were moments during my children’s infant days when each day seemed like an eternity (maybe it was the fact that I was up almost 24/7 and severely sleep deprived.). 

Now at these ages, the days whisk by.  Having said that I’m loving these early years in school, my children still think we, as parents, are the centre of the universe. We still have several years before they don’t want us to drop them off or pick them up right at the school door. 


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