40 Plus MOMS

Raising children at 40


There are many reasons why having children at a young age is a good thing and there are as many reasons why having children at an older age is equally good.  The idea behind creating this blog is part cathartic and part wanting to create a forum for older, first-time moms to share their experiences that can be helpful.

Not to mention the number of first-time older moms is on the rise:

In the mid-1960s, the average age of first birth had decreased to 23.5 years…For first-time mothers in 2011, the average age at birth was 28.5 years.

Age-specific fertility rates (Statistics Canada)

Looking at it from another perspective, 40 plus year-old moms were born in the 1970’s before the technological boom.  When we went to school, everything was taught through a chalkboard and hard copy books.  The connectivity, social media, technology that exists today did not remotely exist when we were children.  It’s not out of nostalgia nor a suggestion that it was better time, not at all.  It’s an acknowledgement that our surrounding environment as children of the 70’s is different from someone who was born in the 90’s.  Consequently our child rearing perspectives may be different.  Topics like the elimination of cursive writing from school curriculum may prompt a different response for a first time forty-year mom versus a first time twenty year-old mom.


With kids comes many firsts:  first day home, first diaper change; first solid meal; first birthday, first day at daycare, first day at school. You get the idea, the list is infinite.   What makes these firsts a little different for a first-time 40 year-old mom versus a twenty year-old?

Granted the experiences themselves may be the same between an older mom and a younger one;  dropping off a child at daycare will likely be difficult for both.  But there will be differences on how each age group deals with their baby’s milestones.  A younger mom may have more energy while a mom in their forties may resort to applying their life experiences and wisdom to guide them along the way.

This page chronicles my interpretation of “firsts” as seen by a 40 year-old mom.   Feel free to comment and share your own experiences.

Enjoy and feel free to share  your parenting experiences.


One of my greatest passions is traveling.  I love visiting new places, experience local customs, and try new foods.  Since I was an older first-time parent, I could overcome potential financial barriers to traveling with kids.  I was the best mom ever BEFORE I had kids because I envisioned all these wonderful places I would visit with them.  I had worked hard over the years to make it all happen.  Part of my vision materialized, I have taken my kids on a number of trips, but not exactly the types of foreign places I had grown accustomed to exploring.  Not yet anyway, they are only four and six years old after all!

It took the first trip for us to realize that the effort and cost to go far, far away didn’t bring us the value in the trip.  We couldn’t get to the places we really wanted to go to, eat the foods we wanted to eat. and for the kids, they simply didn’t know the difference, they were just as content having a swimming pool nearby.

So the dream of traveling across the globe with kids has by no means died; we’re just pacing ourselves.  Enjoy reading my travel with kids experiences below and feel free to share yours!


Hmm, so I completed my Intro to Digital Communications course at the University of Toronto and with it seemingly ended my blog writing. Not quite so, just a little hibernation over the winter and rethinking the raison d’être for this blog. I had started a written journal a year ago documenting experiences with my children with the intent of passing it along to them one day as a keepsake.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that despite the personal nature of writing a journal, the tangibility of seeing and following my cursive scribbles, today’s generation is a digital one. Creating a blog, perhaps printing my entries, creating somewhat a book of memories will most likely resonate with them. So here it is, along with posting ideas, I hope to capture and write about the special moments I’ve been blessed to experience as a mom. I hope to able to provide my kids, maybe grand kids, a glimpse into the person I am by describing my perceptions of these experiences along with the kinds of choices I’ve made.

Maybe it will be a way of piquing their interest to find out more about their family background using these little dialogues as a starting point.

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  1. Lilliana, I couldn’t be farther from being a 40 year old Mom but I’ve enjoyed and identified with your posts. They’ve helped me reflect on great milestones in my own life as both a parent and child.

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