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Weekend Getaway WITH kids


Off we go!


Those that say you can’t take it with you never saw a car packed for a vacation trip.
— Author Unknown

Back in the day before kids, spontaneous weekend travel was so easy; pack up and go. If you forgot something, no big deal. An inconvenience but inevitably, you’d be able to find what you’ve forgotten at your weekend destination. A few modifications and “planned” spontaneous travel with kids is possible. After a few failed attempts of picking up and going with kids, I put together a checklist on our refrigerator door.

One is for summer weekend getaways and another for winter ones. The day before we go on any last-minute weekend trips, I glance through the checklist making sure I have all we need the night before so that all that’s left to do the morning is dress and feed the kids.

Summer list:

  • Water bottles
  • Packed lunches
  • fruit
  • snacks (dry & veggies)
  • cutlery/napkins/tea towel
  • picnic blanket/plastic table-cloth
  • Extra clothes (pants, tops, underpants/diaper/wipes, socks)
  • bathing suit & towels (if swimming)
  • caps
  • sunscreen

Winter ski list

  • ski pants/jacket
  • ski clothing (leggings,turtleneck,socks)
  • helmet, balaclava
  • goggles
  • neck warmer
  • mitts
  • hand warmer
  • after ski clothes
  • water bottles
  • packed lunches
  • fruit
  • snacks (dry & veggies)
  • cutlery/napkins/tea towel

 Photos: Liliana Polcari


First flight with kids



My daughter was eight months old when she took her first flight and my son was six months old. The longest flight we’ve taken with them was four hours. By far not the longest travel or the youngest age many other travelers have taken with their children. What we did notice though was that it didn’t make a difference to them if we were at the most beautiful beach, location, or hotel or not. In fact they were equally happy in a swimming pool versus any white sand beach. So for the first few years we kept are travels within a four-hour flight range, meaning most of our flights were to the Caribbean. We’d typically rent out a condo, or on a couple of occasions, stayed at a child friendly all-inclusive resort.

Although our preference was not to be at an all-inclusive, it turned out well to have all the amenities, especially the kids’ camp when we needed a short vacation too from the kids! If budget is an issue, the all-inclusive doesn’t have to be exclusive; the kids won’t know the difference.

To make the flight more pleasant, always great to have a few compact, new toys to keep the kids distracted, or if they are young enough, fly during a time when they normally nap.