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Raising children at 40

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In my children’s words

Lest I forget, I will use this space to capture those nuggets, babbling, words, descriptions my children used or misused along the way. This is purely for my family’s future pleasure, although maybe it can get you to jot down some of your children’s funny choice of words before they eventually get erased from memory.

Shoomoonbach – to this day we don’t know what my daughter was trying to say, but whenever we’d read a particular Elmo book to her and flip to the page where he was wearing rain boots and a raincoat, she would say shoomoombach (age eighteen months)

Okee Okee – my daughter’s way of saying milk (age eighteen months)

Bekfest – breakfast in my daughter’s words (age eighteen months)

Ummm the best! My son’s way of saying he’s the best, and we totally agreed (age two)

Water table – my son’s word for “pool” table (age three). He’d get upset if we’d call it a pool table. My son loves water tables, marble runs, basketball, soccer, absolutely anything to do with marbles and balls. He’s really good at it too. He was able to throw 10 straight hoops in a row starting at two years old.

Skeen – don’t know where my son got this one, but whenever he’d see a robin, he’d yell out there’s skeen! (age three)

Pinkle – my son’s way of saying Pickle (age four)

More to come

Capturing your child’s special moments

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Priceless Memories

Video: Liliana Polcari

There are many days I catch myself saying, “I will miss that laugh, that little voice, those funny little things my children do.” Lest I forget, I take plenty of spontaneous pictures and videos with my smartphone, and when it’s a planned occasion, such as a birthday, I use my digital SLR and video camera.

The benefits of having this terrific technology include the ease at which great moments can be captured. A common pitfall, though, is an immediate collection of thousands of images and videos that can quickly become overwhelming to review. Since it is difficult for me to delete pictures, I focus on carefully selecting the ones I want to print. I’m still old school in that I like to curate the pictures I take by printing selected images and displaying them through photo albums and scrapbooks. To simplify this process, I create two file folders with every monthly download from my smartphone or camera. One folder name contains the month and year within its title and the other has the word “prints” appended to the month and year the pictures were taken. For example, the file folder name containing the keepers would be “May 2014 prints.” Once printed, I’d know they were the best of the pack.  Also since they are printed chronologically, it makes it easier for me to organize the pictures in photo albums or scrapbooks adding quotes or keepsakes along the way. Alternatively, companies like Black’s, Shutterfly, and snapfish, to name a few, make storytelling easy with their custom photo books product.

Video, in my view,  is the ultimate way to capture those special moments of your children enjoying the things they love doing. Many parents will commemorate on how quickly their children have grown. A quick look at your own child’s baby videos will surely make you concur. Similar to making photo albums, I’ve committed to learn how to make video albums; editing the countless videos of my children into several story books for them. An idea I thought of would be creating videos according to specific themes such as a compilation of all birthday videos or vacation videos. Another idea I read about was taking a video of your child the same time every year answering the same questions. 

 Although I’m not quite there yet, I hope the opening video of my daughter taken several years ago made you chuckle and inspired you to find creative ways of preserving those special moments. 

Share your ideas on capturing your children’s memories.