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Raising children at 40

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In my children’s words

Lest I forget, I will use this space to capture those nuggets, babbling, words, descriptions my children used or misused along the way. This is purely for my family’s future pleasure, although maybe it can get you to jot down some of your children’s funny choice of words before they eventually get erased from memory.

Shoomoonbach – to this day we don’t know what my daughter was trying to say, but whenever we’d read a particular Elmo book to her and flip to the page where he was wearing rain boots and a raincoat, she would say shoomoombach (age eighteen months)

Okee Okee – my daughter’s way of saying milk (age eighteen months)

Bekfest – breakfast in my daughter’s words (age eighteen months)

Ummm the best! My son’s way of saying he’s the best, and we totally agreed (age two)

Water table – my son’s word for “pool” table (age three). He’d get upset if we’d call it a pool table. My son loves water tables, marble runs, basketball, soccer, absolutely anything to do with marbles and balls. He’s really good at it too. He was able to throw 10 straight hoops in a row starting at two years old.

Skeen – don’t know where my son got this one, but whenever he’d see a robin, he’d yell out there’s skeen! (age three)

Pinkle – my son’s way of saying Pickle (age four)

More to come

Enjoying the winter with KIDS

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Here’s the snow dog – Photo: Liliana Polcari

Sometimes it’s the simplicity of the activity that makes it so fun and genuine. Last week’s snow fall was dreaded by most: longer commutes and colder weather are not the sort of combo folks look forward to, especially when winter is officially still one month away.

My kids, on the other hand, were completely excited. In their words, “let’s go sledging!” There wasn’t exactly enough snow to go tobogganing, but the snow had that perfect consistency to make snowmen. Or as my daughter prefers – snow dogs. It’s actually her way of campaigning for a real dog one day.

We have lots of fun getting the kids enjoying winter and the snow. One of my favourite childhood memories was trying to build the largest snowman ever with my older siblings and friends.   Rolling the snow ball into this massive boulder was awesome including about five kids, at one point, pushing it along!

So when the snow falls and the temperature hovers around the freezing mark, with great packable snow, it’s snow building time! Add some food colouring, old clothing, or twigs to your snowy creation, the possibilities are endless!

I’m hoping that our kids’ current love for snow persists, after all winter returns at roughly the same time every year lasting longer than any other season in Toronto. There’s a lot to do with snow in the winter with kids. Enjoy and get creative out there!

What are your memorable snow building experiences?