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Works of Art with Kids




Art as depicted by a 4 and 6-year old ; Photo: Liliana Polcari

At last, the paintings my children worked on over the weekend have fully dried and ready for display. My children, aged four and six, love painting; seems like the messier they can get the more fun they have with it. So I indulged them last weekend by setting up a huge round plastic table-cloth on our family room floor with washable finger paint and gouache at their disposal.  I also had several plastic plates set up for them to use as a palette and avoid cross-contaminating the paint colours.

 Benefits of painting for children

So once it was all set up and the kids were ready to go with their paint smocks, they were set free to produce their works of art. My four year-old son loved using the paint brushes but loved dipping his fingers into the paint even more. At the same time, they were learning first-hand how to combine different colours to create new ones. There are a number of benefits associated with painting for your children stretching well beyond the sheer joy of creating and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination by holding paintbrushes. Through painting they have a forum to express their ideas and get to experience success through a tangible piece of artwork. They will also gain self-confidence and self-esteem through their proud displays of their work and the positive feedback they’ll receive along the way. In my daughter’s case, painting is also a stress reliever; she can spend hours painting and storytelling through her artwork. It keeps her occupied and focused by feeling a sense of accomplishment with every piece of art.

Displaying their masterpieces

I purchased several meters of canvas so that over the years I can collect and display several key pieces of their artwork. I have a storage box with their paper based artworks, but I wanted to make an effort to get them to paint on canvas so that I can frame it and keep it over the years and follow their progression. I’m setting up a wall in our house where their artwork will be displayed; a new piece will be added each year. Along the same lines as having annual pictures taken of your children at the same location every year to map their growth, I want to have their art keepsakes in an active displayable format. There are so many creative ways of displaying children’s art versus burying them in a storage box. I’m starting with simply unframed canvas but plant to progress with framing them in vintage frames. The ideas are endless and seeing my daughter’s satisfaction with her latest work makes me know enabling the whole process is all so well worth it. Oh, and the kids help with clean-up too, so on a practical level, they also learn responsibility through painting.


Feel free to share your art projects with kids.