40 Plus MOMS

Raising children at 40


One of my greatest passions is travelling.  I love visiting new places, experience local customs, and try new foods.  Since I was an older first-time parent, I could overcome potential financial barriers to travelling with kids.  I was the best mom ever BEFORE I had kids because I envisioned all these wonderful places I would visit with them.  I had worked hard over the years to make it all happen.  Part of my vision materialized, I have taken my kids on a number of trips, but not exactly the types of foreign places I had grown accustomed to exploring.  Not yet anyway, they are only four and six years old after all!   

It took the first trip for us to realize that the effort and cost to go far, far away didn’t bring us the value in the trip.  We couldn’t get to the places we really wanted to go to, eat the foods we wanted to eat. and for the kids, they simply didn’t know the difference, they were just as content having a swimming pool nearby.

So the dream of travelling across the globe with kids has by no means died; we’re just pacing ourselves.  Enjoy reading my travel with kids experiences below and feel free to share yours!




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